The new Stacy Boulevard Gardens have been installed and extend from the Blynman Bridge to the bocce courts. Generous Gardener volunteers have planted 22,800 tulips and 6,000 daffodils. Next spring, over 13,000 flowering perennials and annuals will be planted to bloom from early spring to late autumn. The color scheme will complement the plantings at the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial in waves of color that will move from blues and purples, to yellow and orange, and finally bright red at either end.

This stunning addition to the City of Gloucester will provide three seasons of pleasure for residents and visitors alike.  Generous Gardeners, a 501(c)(3), will plant and maintain the new gardens.  Generous Gardeners, visible throughout the city wearing bright green aprons, have donated more than 500 hours of volunteer efforts toward the beautification of Gloucester.

Support the gardens by sponsoring flowering plants

Sponsor Recognition

Sponsors will receive recognition on approximately 400 plant tags that will identify the flower species and cultivars.  Each plant tag will include the Latin and common name as well as the sponsor name.  There will be a QUERTY code (like a bar code) that allows smart phone users to directly connect with a web page that will include more details about that particular plant as well as additional information about the sponsor.

$50 – Charitable Gardener 3-4 Flowering Plants

$250  Gracious Gardener 20-25 Flowering Plants plus recognition on a plant tag

$500  Benevolent Gardener 40-50 Flowering Plants of with 2 plant tags

$1,000 Unsparing Gardener 80-100 flowering plants with 4 plant tags

$5,000 Magnanimous Gardener 400-500 Flowering Plants with 15 plant tags

$10,000 Truly Generous Gardener  800-1,000 Flowering Plants approximately 30 plant tags

$25,000 Lead Sponsor – 2,250 flowering plants with 75 plant tags plus additional recognition to be determined

Level of Support
Name for Plant Tag ($250+):


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