“Ah – HA Moments”

Those special rare moments in life when your mind suddenly processes new information that was previously a mystery to you.

My children simply say “I get it.” or “it just clicked.”  Family and friends growing up on the Northshore of Boston derogatorily but light-heartedly say “Light dawns on marble head.” (Marblehead is a real town name on the Northshore of Boston in Massachusetts).   To me it’s just “ah-ha.”

One of my favorite “ah-ha” school memories was seeing the little green shoots appear above the seed-starting mix in seed trays. Back then the whole process of germination and photosynthesis was a mystery to me.  Once I finally comprehended the information, learned from a very patient science teacher, I thought I possessed the keys to the universe. In my mind, germination was the most magical scientific wonder. It still is to me, along with photosynthesis, blood moving through the chambers of the heart, rotation of the earth…

The excitement about learning became an addicting powerful motivator to get to school. Seeing firsthand how much the seedlings had grown from the previous day was reinforcing proof to me that the miracle of photosynthesis was at work. The simple responsibility of carefully transplanting to bigger containers gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I hope and wish every child gets to experience such excitement for learning. Needing and craving to learn more is something that can be developed and nurtured by parents and teachers.

Generous Gardeners is helping organize a plant sale to benefit The Gloucester Education Foundation which helps raise money for special school projects including “hands on” robotics and technology, biological and geological field studies, a vernal ponds program, geography, mapping and ecosystem studies.

Come see us Sat. May 19, 2012 (9am – 2pm ) at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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