It is so wonderful to see an entire town decked out in flowering annuals.

Colorful flowers were cascading out of window boxes and hanging baskets. Almost every downtown street corner had a well maintained planting or several huge containers stuffed with annuals.

Gardeners love it and even the tourists are seen snapping photos of all the beautiful flowers.

Every store seemed to take great pride in their flowering display and many even power washed their sidewalks during early morning hours before the tourists were up.

Aspen is one of the most beautiful and cleanest towns in America.

The surrounding mountain scenery was stunning. We biked for hours everyday on an extensive network of paved trails and enjoyed the views of wildflowers growing along the sides.

There are a lot of different colored hummingbirds (orange, green and grey); many more than we are used to seeing. We also saw a few marmots sunning themselves on rocks and two bears.

One bear ran across the bike trail directly in front of us and one small bear was sleeping in a tree at the local bus stop. This bear was cautiously watched by police and wildlife officers for the entire day. Tourists were gawking for hours and cheered when he finally came down. The bear just ran off and climbed another tree.

Colorado may be rocky and dry in many areas, but Aspen is – lush, green and overflowing with flowers!

Below are a few photos of the annuals from downtown, a few perennial gardens and some views seen along the trails in Aspen, CO.

Great vacation!

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