by Terese at generousgardeners.com

DIY (do it yourself – easily)

What a fun, productive and potentially profitable hobby.

Amazing seed selections are available online and in catalogues including hard to find and rare plants. Restrain yourself from buying everything.

With time, just one perennial seed will grow into a mature plant that you can take cuttings, divisions and more seeds from. With proper care and maintenance, a perennial plant is the gift that keeps on giving. However, keep in mind that seeds are the result of sexual propagation and are not all true to their parent.

Seeds will give you many plants inexpensively.  You can easily move seedlings that suddenly appear on their own (volunteers) to new locations in your own garden or pot them up and pass them along.

Create your own cultivars.

Cuttings (basal, stem tip and root) are a form asexual or vegetative propagation. This means they will grow into an exact replica of the parent plant. Cuttings are a fast way to increase a particular plant you enjoy and want more of.

Stem cuttings can mature faster than seeds.

Share – Swap – Donate – your seeds and cuttings with generous gardening friends at generousgardeners.com

Please remember that patented, patent pending and trademarked plants are restricted by law and may not be reproduced.


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