White Tulips at the CT flower show

Terese and I went to Hartford yesterday for the Connecticut Flower and Garden show.  Then we went on to Providence for the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden show.  They were both terrific although we thought they were a bit expensive.  Tickets were $18.00 each.  When we went a few years ago, there was a discount for state horticulture members.  This time there was not.  The Hartford show had great garden related vendors and rather limited garden exhibits.  The Providence show had amazing exhibits, but the vendors were mostly non-garden related. We took lots of great pictures and it was so fun to be around all of the beautiful flowers and plants.

Lovely Pink Daffodils

             There were impressive forced flowers.  It is amazing to see everything blooming in February.  A few years back we visited a nursery that specializes in forced flowers for flower shows.  It is a tough line of work.  They have to carefully control, light and temperature to have things blooming at just the right moment for the garden designers.  If they aren’t blooming, they don’t take the plants and grower has just spent months for no compensation.

 The Connecticut Horticulture Society had  an impressive  display with  lifelike   animals and  a variety of perennials and annuals.  We particularly like d the  pink daffodils, but they had many hostas and lovely hellebores (lenten roses).


Weeping Cherry Tree

There were some inventive uses of things for container gardens.  We particularly liked the old boots full of succulents and the well designed mail box surrounded by plants.

Fun old boots container for succulents

container mailbox

We took so many pictures that we will upload them to a photo gallery on this blog, but here are just a few more from CT

Bonsai Forest

Fun Garden Boots

We also attended an excellent lecture by Kerry Ann Mendez.  What an knowledgeable gardener!  We also made some purchases.  We both bought Spear Head Shovels.  These are an innovative product that has a narrow tip with angled sides.  I am hoping that this will be very helpful in my new native shade garden.  It has lots of roots and stones, and it supposedly pushes them aside.

Spear Headed Shovel Display

pink tulips at the Garden of Hope Exhibit

Then it was on to Providence.  There was an amazing pink flower display for the Garden of Hope for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation.  Here are a few pictures from with some interesting back-lit tulips.

back lit tulips for the garden of hope exhibitthe pink Garden of Hope

There was an amazing sand sculpture.

Huge Sand Sculpture at the flower show

We will be posting more pictures in a photo gallery soon.  Let us know if you liked these.

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