The site is going live today.  We are very excited as it has been a year in development and longer for the ideas to germinate.  It was worth waiting for.  Please look at the site and give us any feedback you can.  The mission of this site is to promote local sharing of plants.  This may be from a  sale, a swap, or an outright give away of plants that are unneeded or unwanted.

Tell us your stories of plants that were unfortunately dumped on a compost piles rather than adopted into a new garden.  Please list your plants on the site that will need to be divided, so when the time comes, you can earn some extra cash or just share the bounty.

Our future goal is to promote local plant sales that may be held to benefit non-profits and our generous gardeners will get a tax deduction for what the plant sells for – if all proceeds go to the charity.  The charity would be responsible for generating the tax receipt. 

Please spread the word.  We hope this is good for the world.


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