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We were so lucky to have great  weather and so many perennial flowers in peak bloom for the day of the tour. If you missed the Gloucester Garden Tour last Saturday, check out our photos below of the eleven gardens you could have visited.

This was a first time collaborative effort between and the Harvard Club of the North Shore to host a garden tour. We started  with a shoestring budget and  learned on the fly how to organize, promote and operate a one day garden tour. At times the committee of five felt overwhelmed with the never ending  to do list of  editing the program, drawing maps,  posting signs, soliciting sponsors, organizing volunteers, maintaining public gardens, finding advertisement without paying a fortune, etc, etc….

It was all worth the effort. This was a great learning experience and such a pleasure to be part of a local organization bettering their own community.  Visitors were surprised at the four acre plus size of several of the private gardens. Many homeowners were actually present to discuss their plants and inform guests that they were indeed the only gardener as well. Comments were positive and encouraging. Many gardeners mentioned how  inspired they were to create new gardens at their own home.

In hindsight we probably could have sold a few more tickets with a volunteer stationed at the Chamber of Commerce or The Visitor’s Center at Stage Fort Park. We will remember that for next time.

Funds raised amounted to just over $5000. This will help support the butterfly gardens in the new HarborWalk and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial gardens.

Thank you to all the local sponsors, organizers and volunteers that made the Gloucester Garden Tour 2013 possible.

Enjoy the pictures!

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