Hortus Botanicus - Amsterdam, NetherlandsHortus Botanicus of Amsterdam, Netherlands – One of the Oldest Botanical Gardens in the World


adults 7.50 Euro

Founded in 1638

The Hortus Botanicus grows approximately 4000 species from seven different continents in the small 1.2 hectare garden and greenhouses. The Cycad Palms are their most famous collection.

For almost four centuries (started 1638) the garden has evolved from a medicinal herb garden where doctors and pharmacists trained to prepare prescriptions. During the 17th and 18th centuries the gardens expanded to include exotic ornamental plants brought by the Dutch East India Co.

Eastern Cape Giant Cycad The showpiece specimen is a 300 year old male Eastern Cape Giant Cycad which is one of the oldest potted plants in the Western world. It originates from Eastern Cape Province in South Africa and was transported to the Netherlands. Encephalartos altensteinii (Eastern Cape Giant Cycad) is dioecious meaning it is either a male or female plant. The Hortus Botanicus also has a 200 year old female which they hand pollenate with the male and share seeds around the world to other botanical gardens.

People enjoy seeing the enormous diversity of plants and butterflies. They experience scientifically managed different temperatures of other climates in the greenhouses.

Many go to simply escape the city and find peace and quiet sitting under the shaded trees. The Orangery houses a popular lunch spot.

It’s a lovely green oasis in the middle of a busy city.

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