visitor center and grounds

Visitor Center and Grounds

Terese and I spent yesterday touring the Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Maine.  What a fabulous place.  I have never seen such impressive hardscaping anywhere.  The paths are amazing large stones with pergolas, interesting sculptures and water features. It is a relatively new garden that began with a small group of volunteers in 1991 and opened in 2007.  By 2011 they had raised over 21 million dollars and it shows. There was not a weed in sight and a lovely breeze kept the bugs away.  It was a lovely day in a spectacular garden.

Example of amazing paths and stonework

There are numerous interesting gardens.  The Children’s Garden is relatively new and was really sweet and fun.

Visitor Center at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Interesting Bridge over stream
More amazing stonework in the Vayo Meditation Garden
More impressive stone work
I loved the way they had grass growing on the roofs in the children’s garden
The Mediation Garden has an really interesting basin sculpture made from a rock called Ellsworth schist. The interior was polished and smooth with beautiful carvings sculpted by David Holmes.

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