Now that summer is winding down, I am always happy to have lots of nasturiums in my garden.  They are such happy flowers in bright yellow and orange.  I don’t really like red flowers, so I stay away from some of the other varieties.  I had never eaten the flowers previous to this year, but when a local generous gardener asked if she could harvest some of my flowers for vietnamese-nasturtium spring rolls, I decided I better try to see if I liked the flavor.  Here is a link to the recipe

fresh nasturtium flowers for dinner

I found that the peppery taste was almost like horseradish, so I mounded them on my husband’s steak dinner and it was a delicious, more attractive dinner.  I decided that I would list my flowers on generous gardeners so other local gardeners can try the flavor even if they don’t have any plants.

Steak with a side of Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are so easy to grow and are very easy to propogate from seed.  Every fall I gather about a gallon of seeds and dry them before storing them for spring.  I am happy to share, so if you are in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts, let me know if you want any seeds or flowers.  They are listed on along with many other plants that generous gardeners are willing to give away or swap for other plants.

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