Terese and I went to the New England Grows exhibition on Wednesday.  It is so much fun to think about gardening.  Last year there was a huge snow storm the night before the show opened and many of the exhibitors and speakers couldn’t make it to Boston.  This year it was 50 degrees outside and packed with attendees.  Last year, we were one of the only ones who made it.

We loved the exhibit hall and talked to lots of vendors.  One of the things we are realizing is that so many plants are now patented.  We are finding this very troublesome since technically it means that you may not propogate your own plants.  One vendor said that close to 40% of their plants are patented.  Supposedly many of the patent holders don’t care about backyard gardeners, but technically it is absolutely not allowed.  I am not buying any more patented perennials, but the world certainly is.

Back to the Show:  Here are some of the vendors that we liked.

COLORBLENDS – This bulb distributor was very nice and has a beautiful catalogue.  www.colorblends.com  We chatted about their new opening of their store in Amsterdam.  Terese is going to the Aalsmeer flower auction, Keukenhof Gardens and the  Floriade at Venlo in April.  It will be glorious to see and she promises to take a lot of pictures and do lots of blogging.

EZ Care Water Technologies –  http://www.ezgrowatergrip.com  This company created a really interesting plant growing media for roofs, walls and other landscape material.  It absorbs lots of water and the roots just grow into this sponge like material.  I should have used this for my green roof on my potting shed.  I lugged up so much soil and this would have been so much easier.  I am going to look into replacing it this summer.

High Caliper Growing – www.SmartPots.com  This company had really neat fabric aeration container.  He was very nice about giving away samples.  We both got big ones last year.  Terese grew potatoes in hers on her deck and it worked really well.

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