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Are you pinning on Pinterest?


If the answer is yes, please check out Generous Gardeners new boards at We also have a new community Generous Gardeners board for any generous gardener that wants to share pictures of their own garden!


If you are not familiar with the online site, then you are in for a treat.

This three year old San Francisco based company lets you collect, organize, upload and store any pictures on the web for free. It is similar to creating an old fashioned bulletin board with the ability to pin pictures on it.

You can create and find numerous boards (bulletin boards) with pins (pictures usually linked to information) of various subjects such as planning a dream kitchen, organizing  a wedding, finding flower photos with a link to cultural information, garden advice articles, window boxes, recipes etc…  I even collect outdoor skating photos from around the world on one of my many boards. If you have ever collected anything in your life, then you understand the desire and fascination of seeking and acquiring new pieces or additions to add or complete your set.

Pinterest brings back memories of collecting things as a kid; except, it is neat and clean — and not collecting dust in my house.

The Pinterest site has become wildly popular, possibly because there isn’t really any social interaction and you don’t even need to use your own name, but most people do. It’s all about collecting either beautiful inspiring photos or good information linked to a picture. The best part is that everyone is sharing. This allows you to follow other pinners (people that put pictures on boards) that share great info or like the same things you do.

No one cares who you are, just how good your info is and that your pictures are appealing. 

Are you the go to person for a certain subject such as great seafood recipes, clever ideas, antique ice skates or garden ideas, then share your best recipes, ideas and pictures for everyone to enjoy. It’s easy to find new collections of information. Everything links back to the original source for credit.

Let’s face it, pictures are worth a thousand words and everyone likes to look at beautiful, inspiring pictures. Each snapshot captures a visual memory in time and records it. Pinterest helps spread that record of time for all to enjoy and can link to great information behind the picture.

It may sound foreign at first (pins , boards, pinners, repins) but once you get over the initial learning curve of finding your way around the site, you will enjoy using the search box opening a world of information you didn’t know existed. Click on the Pinterest button and find a category you are interested in and browse or search for particular info or collections. Follow other pinners’ boards to see what is new on their collections.

At times, I feel as if I have people working for me, collecting information on the things I’m interested in, but it really is a collaborative effort of passionate pinners getting the best pictures with the best information.

Pinterest is a clean and neat way to catalogue all your collections of recipes, craft projects, gardening info, without ever having to create a file in a file drawer. My husband loves that I am no longer ripping magazine articles out, no more saving paper info, pictures or ideas that clutter up the house. I simply pin these pictures and scraps of information to an online pin board.

I will warn you that Pinterest is highly addictive and you may find that an hour or two flew by while you looked at pictures and gathered info and recipes. Also, if you log in with a Facebook account, please shut off the settings that post every picture you pin or your friends will think your hogging their Facebook newsfeed.

If there is a gene with a predisposition for hoarding, I may have it; evidence being that, I have more perennials out back than some garden centers. By using Pinterest, my husband will never have to deal with all the stuff I’ve collected on my numerous boards. It’s my version of online hoarding.

Happy pinning on Pinterest!

Please feel free to pin pictures of your gardens on our community Generous Gardeners board. Simply send me an email with your Pinterest link, so I can find you on Pinterest and send an invitation to pin on our board.

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