Butterfly Weed and Coneflower seed starts

I blogged a few weeks back about starting native perennials from seed.  I am not having much luck.  Apparently (as some kind gardener commented) the smaller the seed, the harder it is to get germination.  How do they do it in the wild if pampered conditions fail?  Of the seeds I bought and planted, only the Eastern Red Columbine has germinated.  The Trillium, Dutchman’s Breeches, Wood Poppy and the Blue bead Lily did nothing.

Luckily the Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberos) and the Coneflower seeds are doing fine.

We are having wonderful weather again, so I took advantage today to go and start weeding.  It is a good time to get at weeds before they get too much of a head start.  It is also easy to see them since the perennials for the most part are not popping up yet.  I do have an amazing number of plants starting to emerge.  Hopefully we won’t have a cold snap.  The winter aconite and hellebores are blooming now.

winter aconite


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