On Thursday, my husband and I went on vacation to explore his Canadian roots.  We started in St. Andrews on the Bay of Fundy.  It is an adorable little town with water everywhere.  There are 24 foot tides, but unlike the tidal bore that happens when the tide changes and is funnels into a river or narrow bay, in St. Andrews it comes in slowly and goes out slowly.  

First thing Friday morning we visited Ministers Island.  This island is accessible by a gravel road that is completely covered when the tide is high.  You have to watch the clock to make sure you don’t get stuck.  Here is our car on the bottom of the ocean.

Our car on the bottom of the ocean

The main attraction on the island is Covenhoven house which was built by Sir William Van Horne who was the builder of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  It was his 50 room summer cottage.  It is kind of run down and empty now. 

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