Starting Perennials Indoors

For the first time, I am going to try to grow perennials from seeds.  In the fall I harvested some butterfly weed pods ( Asclepias tuberosa) from plants that I planted last year.   My neighbor harvested and gave me some white coneflower seeds.  I actually think that they were from a patented plant, but how am I to possibly verify that?  I think that once these patented plants are distributed, it should be allowable to propagate them.  I planted a tray of 81 of each of them and set the covered try in my living room in the sun. (Send me a comment if you have any thoughts on patented plant propagation.)

I also ordered numerous native shade perennial seeds from  I want to try my luck at propagating from seed this year.  I have a large shade area on my property in Gloucester that is governed by the conservation commission since it is on the Annisquam river.  If I can propagate from seed, I will have a smaller footprint and save money.  Last year I bought trays of plugs and realized only later that I paid as much in shipping and packaging as I did for the plants themselves.  I vowed to avoid that this year.

By the way, you can visit to find flowering perennials and appropriate planting schedules for the zone you are in.


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