Toronto, Ontario has lovely botanical gardens with no admission fee.  Canadians know how to do a lot of things right and gardening is certainly one of them.   It is billed as a magical oasis in the city and it is quite lovely. There are 17 contemporary themed gardens over 4 acres. There is even a vegetable garden where I confirmed that a mystery plant I planted as a remainder from my Spring plant sale is indeed Jerusalem Artichoke. This is an unusual vegetable that spreads with runners. I quickly, and carefully removed all traces of it as soon as I got home.

Here are some of the pictures on a lovely Wednesday in August.

IMG_00000176 IMG_00000177 IMG_00000179 IMG_00000173 IMG_00000172 IMG_00000168 IMG_00000166 IMG_00000148 IMG_00000146 IMG_00000145 IMG_00000149 IMG_00000150 IMG_00000151 IMG_00000152 IMG_00000153 IMG_00000154 IMG_00000155 IMG_00000156 IMG_00000157 IMG_00000158 IMG_00000159 IMG_00000162 IMG_00000169 IMG_00000170 IMG_00000178 IMG_00000182 IMG_00000186 IMG_00000187 IMG_00000191 IMG_00000190 IMG_00000189 IMG_00000188 IMG_00000193 IMG_00000192 IMG_00000194 IMG_00000196

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