Daylilies getting squeezed out by Hydrangeas.

Daylilies getting squeezed out by Hydrangeas.

Why do we divide perennials? 

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First, they occasionally need to be reinvigorated. You may notice that your favorite old plant is no longer blooming like it used to. It may look weak or sparse especially in the center. These are easy observational clues reminding you that it is time to divide your perennial.


The second reason why your perennial may need division is because it may need to be moved or repositioned.  Has the sun exposure changed? Is the plant taking over your garden and crowding out all the others? Is it now growing where you don’t want it? Is it too big for the area? Do you just not like it anymore? If the answer is “yes”, then it is time to divide and reposition that plant. Sell, swap or give away the excess plants you don’t need.

Need More Plants

Why buy? Just multiply! Be frugal and get more plants from your own garden. With time, just one perennial seed will grow into a mature plant that you can take cuttings, divisions and more seeds from. With proper care and maintenance it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Cuttings are a fast way to increase a particular plant you enjoy and want more of. Dividing the plant gives you a larger more established plant. You can easily move seedlings that suddenly appear on their own (volunteers) to new locations in your own garden or pot them up and pass them along.

Pass-Along Plants

Pass along some of your favorite plant divisions, cuttings or seeds especially to your friends and relatives that admire a particular plant in your garden. Good gardening friends (generous gardeners) usually have a spade handy to dig a little something for you to take home. Remember time tested local hardy plants will help beginning gardeners gain confidence. Pass along your plants and knowledge. People will always remember you when they see it growing in their garden.

Remembrance Plants

Ask for a piece of a plant from your favorite old aunt’s or other relative’s garden. These remembrance plants will be cherished long after your relatives are gone. Don’t forget to pass your plants on to relatives that want them from you.

Backyard hobby can turn into a business.

What started as a backyard hobby for some folks can turned into a nursery business selling plants. Many people start their own little niche backyard business usually concentrating on one particular genus that they know and grow well.  They begin selling to friends and then the the general public. Others just specialize in custom rooting or liners and sell to nurseries that don’t have the time or room to grow their own. Check out your local area for opportunities to sell plants.


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